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Comparing standard implants with Teeth 4 Teeth

Conventional, individual dental implants

A typical dental implant is a surgical-grade titanium post that replaces the root of your missing tooth. Once this minor surgery is complete, a fully functional crown is placed to complete the process. This treatment requires individual implants for each new tooth, usually costing approximately $1900 CAD per tooth. For patients who need to replace a small number of teeth, this standard implant treatment is ideal; click here to contact us to schedule a free consultation! However, if a larger number of teeth must be replaced, continue reading to learn about a comprehensive, cost-effective solution:

The Teeth 4 Teeth treatment process

For patients who must replace most or all of their teeth, the cutting-edge Teeth 4 Teeth treatment concept offers full-arch rehabilitation without requiring individual implants for each tooth. With Teeth 4 Teeth, an entire full arch prosthesis can be supported on just 4 implants, which means that restoring both your upper and lower teeth would only require a total of 8. Unlike conventional dentures, the Teeth 4 Teeth process ensures that your new teeth are permanently fixed in place, preventing future bone loss in your jaw.

Every step of the process is performed under one roof: consult, scan, teeth removal, bone graft, implant surgery with navigation, temporary prosthesis, and permanent prosthesis. Click here for pricing information.

What are Teeth 4 Teeth’s main benefits?

Teeth 4 Teeth can be truly transformative, offering the closest approximation to a natural, healthy dental structure. It’s a single-day procedure with a short recovery period, and aside from regular check-ups, the only maintenance necessary is what you would normally do with your natural teeth: regular brushing and flossing.

This treatment is ideal for patients with a diminished jawbone; because the two posterior implants are tilted inward at a 15 to 45 degree angle, there is often no need for bone grafting. While conventional treatment plans such as removable dentures cannot prevent further bone deterioration, sturdy Teeth 4 Teeth implants help maintain jaw health/shape by effectively stimulating the bone and revitalizing bite strength, allowing you to eat your favorite meals with no issue. If you’ve lost most of your teeth or need to have them removed, this cost-effective process may be your best and fastest choice in revitalizing your dental health.

Pricing & Financing

In terms of pricing, there are several factors that affect the final cost. The surgical phase ranges from $13-16,000 CAD depending on the number of teeth that must be removed and whether bone grafting material is necessary. If applicable, fees include the reverse-engineering of an existing denture to fit the implants, allowing you to leave with a fixed prosthesis on the same day of the surgery.

The biggest differences in pricing relate to the material used during the prosthetic phase. Prices range from as low as $8000 CAD (using an acrylic prosthesis) to twice that figure (using the more lifelike zirconia with porcelain option).

Whatever your budget may be, we’re happy to discuss all possible options with you, and we strongly encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We offer several flexible financing options in order to accommodate our patients and help them toward a brighter dental future.

At Teeth 4 Teeth, all of our implant and grafting materials are approved in Canada and the U.S., and we believe in being as transparent as possible with our patients in order to ensure their comfort and understanding of the process and its effects.


Teeth 4 Teeth / All-on-4
Teeth 4 Teeth / All-on-4
Teeth 4 Teeth / All-on-4

Why choose us?

At Teeth 4 Teeth, our dedicated dentists and hygienists value the comfort of your experience just as much as your dental health, making the process as smooth and easygoing as possible. We pride ourselves on fostering a welcoming environment, and we care deeply about our patients. If you feel that this treatment is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us in Pointe-Claire, QC or Alexandria, ON!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the first steps?
The first step is to contact us for a free consultation. If you’re a candidate, we perform a specialized scan of your dental structure. We then present you with an in-depth analysis. Afterward, we can set up an appointment for the actual procedure.
Do you offer financing?
Yes we do! Our team is happy to help organize a financing plan that works best for you.
How long does the procedure take?
After the initial consultation and planning period, the implant procedure itself is typically performed during a 2-hour morning appointment, followed by another 2-hour session in the afternoon to place the prosthetic teeth.
How long does it last?
With regular check-ups, cleanings, and proper home maintenance, the implants will last indefinitely.
Do I have to replace both my top and bottom teeth?
This depends on your particular situation. Whenever possible, we’d like to keep as many of your natural teeth as we can. If a full arch can be preserved, it would be ideal. If only one arch must be replaced, the other arch will be left alone.
Is it painful?
While our team ensures that the operation itself is as pain-free as possible, it is perfectly natural to experience some discomfort during the following days, but this is heavily minimized through post-op medication.
What can I eat after?
For 4-6 months after the procedure, you must strictly adhere to a soft food diet. If you can gently mash it with your fork, it’s safe to eat.
Does the end result look natural?
The Teeth 4 Teeth treatment offers strikingly natural-looking teeth, which also function and feel like the real deal.


Before the procedure

  • Come in for a consultation to see if you’re a candidate
  • We’ll perform a specialized scan and determine what treatment plan works best for you
  • We’ll help you come up with a suitable financing plan, if necessary

During the procedure

  • The procedure is completed in just a single day, after which you’ll have a brand new set of fully-functional teeth that look and feel natural

After the procedure

  • Adhere to a soft food diet for 4-6 months
  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Come in for regular check-ups

A little about our dentist

Dr. Ghassan El-Onsi

Dr. Ghassan El-Onsi’s priority as a dental professional is turning what can often be an anxious experience into a relaxing, lighthearted time.
Having earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from McGill University in 1998, Dr. El-Onsi focuses primarily on minor oral surgical procedures such as extractions and implants, including the cutting-edge Teeth 4 Teeth treatment process.

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