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    Looks and feels like a natural,
    healthy dental structure.
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  • Teeth 4 Teeth / All-on-4
    After just one day of surgery, you’ll
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    with your new teeth!
    One-day procedure
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Teeth 4 Teeth / All-on-4
Teeth 4 Teeth / All-on-4
Teeth 4 Teeth / All-on-4

How Teeth 4 Teeth Works

The transformative Teeth 4 Teeth treatment allows for a full arch of prosthetic teeth to be supported on as few as 4 implants, restoring the bite strength, comfort, and overall quality of life that comes with a natural dental structure.

Check out the video below for an in-depth look at the Teeth 4 Teeth process:

Quick Overview

Teeth4Teet Before Procedure

Before the procedure

  • - Come in for a consultation to see if you’re a candidate
  • - We’ll perform a specialized scan and determine what treatment plan works best for you
  • - We’ll help you come up with a suitable financing plan, if necessary
Teeth4Teet During Procedure

During the procedure

  • - The procedure is completed in just a single day, after which you’ll have a brand new set of fully-functional teeth that look and feel natural
Teeth4Teet After Procedure

After the procedure

  • - Adhere to a soft food diet for 4-6 months
  • - Brush and floss regularly
  • - Come in for regular check-ups

Learn More

Teeth4Teet About

What is Teeth 4 Teeth?

Learn in depth about the Teeth 4 Teeth treatment, including its benefits and how it compares to individual implants

Teeth4Teet Pricing and Financing

Pricing & Financing

Learn about the costs involved in the procedure as well as our flexible financing options

Teeth4Teet Technologies


Check out the equipment and technology used by Dr. El-Onsi, from digital 3D scanners to guided implant navigation

Teeth4Teet FAQ


Find answers to some of the most common questions regarding the Teeth 4 Teeth treatment

Teeth4Teet Team

About Dr. G

Dr. El-Onsi and his team are dedicated to giving you the dental care you deserve


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